Independant Funeral Homes

Alternative Coffins

In addition to our traditional selection of coffins we a pleased to offer a selection of alternative coffins.

The Cardboard

A fully biodegradable, simple cardboard coffin available in green, brown or marble pattern finish. The single size is suitable for persons up to 6’4’’ tall.
Cardboard coffin

The Bamboo

A natural coffin made from bamboo which is sourced and hand-woven in china. This coffin includes a natural cotton liner.


The Willow

A woven coffin hand-made in England from sustainable willow.


American Caskets

American Style Caskets are increasing in popularity. Both steel and hardwood are available in a variety of different designs. These craftsman made caskets have upholstered interiors which incorporate a sprung mattress and pillow.



Colourful Coffins

Also available, pictured below are a range of painted coffins. These can be custom designed, or painted  from a wide range of different designs, including the Union Flag, clouds, a country scene and a steam train.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Union Jack


The Last Supper


The Rainbow


Swan Lake


The Journey


Please contact us to view the full range or if you have any other queries.